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Corseting Safely – School Is In Session!

One of the first things people ask me, if they don’t know my story, is WHY I wear a corset? Is it some sort of sexual thing? Don’t you think you look deformed? Aren’t you just catering the patriarchal ideals of the feminine form? Don’t corsets damage your organs? CAN YOU BREATHE IN THAT THING?

The answer to all these questions is, with the possible exception of the sex thing (which we’ll get into in another post, you pervert), no.

I know, very helpful aren’t I? First off, yes, of course I can breathe. I have asthma and I can still breathe in my corsets. That’s because they are the proper size and measurements for my body, and the cupped rib shape doesn’t compress my lungs or even my ribs.

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